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Adidas London Marathon Suspended Display

Adidas London Marathon Suspended Display

Unibox partners with WRG to create a bespoke exhibition system for Adidas.

A division of The Creative Engagement Group, WRG attracts audiences for a broad network of international brands by delivering stimulating live experiences, physical environments and exhibition logistics. Their goal for over 25 years has been to facilitate unforgettable interactions between brands and consumers – interactions that evoke emotions, shape opinions and generate growth.

After learning of this client-led mission and of their capabilities, Adidas approached the team at WRG for help when seeking to create a custom exhibition space for the London Marathon. Adidas needed an environment in which it could showcase its products and services and celebrate its longstanding commitment to athletes across the world.

Concept Development

With a clear vision for what they wanted to achieve, the team at Adidas provided a specific brief for the design and functionality requirements of their space at the event. Knowing of our in-house manufacturing capabilities and technical expertise, WRG asked Unibox to develop a bespoke exhibition system using our modular system.

Adidas wanted their space to make an immediate yet lasting impact on passers-by and so requested the inclusion of a 28m long wave-shaped structure that was to be suspended from the ceiling. To build this, we used a total of 42 lengths of aluminium profile, all of which were bent on our CNC bending machines with millimetre precision.

Manufacture and Delivery

In order to hang the wave securely from the ceiling of the exhibition hall, we used 112 gripple-drop wires that were fixed directly onto a series of black mesh panels.

To complement the wave, we also designed and manufactured a set of large, double-sided tension fabric systems. Fitted with branded graphics, these brought the entire display together and ensured that the space would hold the attention of visitors at every turn.

At Unibox, we know that event organisers impose tight setup timescales on their exhibitors. In light of this, we sent our technical installation team to London along with the exhibition system to guarantee that the wave would be assembled and suspended in time.


Using our highly versatile Modular System, we created a stunning centrepiece for Adidas at what was an incredibly high-profile event. The scale of the space, and of the installations therein, meant that WRG’s client was able to generate excitement amongst its target market and create a real buzz about the products being displayed.

Our ability to take on technically complex projects and successfully deliver results that exceed client expectations is a testament to the skills and experience of our entire team.