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Ceiling Light Boxes

Ceiling Light Boxes

Ceiling light boxes provide an ultra-effective, versatile lighting solution for interior environments of all types. Using energy-efficient LED technologies, ceiling-mounted light boxes enable brands and businesses to uphold their environmental objectives without making any compromises on the overall aesthetic or functionality of their space.

Light boxes can be suspended from ceilings to create high-impact installations or recessed directly into ceiling cavities so that they sit as a natural extension of a space’s interior architecture.

In this blog post, we’ll introduce ceiling light boxes as both a decorative and functional lighting system and look at how they can be used to great effect in a range of different settings.

Ambient Lighting

Ceiling light boxes are a highly effective ambient lighting solution. They can be engineered to deliver optimum light levels at both floor-level and product-level without there being unsightly flickering or glare. When mounted horizontally from ceilings, light boxes distribute light homogeneously onto targeted areas of a store or interior space whilst creating a sleek, premium aesthetic within the space as a whole.

Ceiling light boxes provide ambient lighting for The Gilbert and One Lackington, London

Ceiling light boxes instantly become a visually striking element of any interior space, meaning they are ideal for bringing attention directly to key product promotions or services.

Decorative Lighting

As well as delivering the perfect ambient light levels into a space, ceiling light boxes are also an effective decorative tool. They can be engineered to operate with printed fabric graphics showing branded images, messages or logos. This means that for both retail and commercial interior applications, the ceiling area of an interior space can be transformed into an additional display space with eye-catching illuminated graphics.

Light boxes and LED signage inside Superdry’s Berlin store

One popular way of using ceiling light boxes as decorative lighting fixtures is the creation of skylight windows. By printing the lightbox graphics with images of clouds, ceiling light boxes become an effective substitute for windows in environments with limited access to natural light. This effect can be enhanced further with the use of dynamic technologies such as Kinetik which animates printed fabric graphics to create the illusion of clouds moving across a blue sky.


Suspended ceiling light box inside a Dunelm store

Home furnishings and accessories retailer, Dunelm, uses LED light boxes that are suspended from the ceiling of its stores as an ultra-effective way of drawing attention to key product displays and creating a sense of visual drama.

Hanging directly above the mattress department of the stores, ceiling light boxes transform what would otherwise be uninspiring displays into one of the main features of the entire space. The light boxes also provide additional task lighting directly onto the product descriptions to aid customers as they browse Dunelm’s range of mattresses and select the one that is perfectly suited to their personal preferences.


For its first-ever UK showroom, Mitsubishi invited Dalziel & Pow and Unibox to create a striking, immersive space in which to display its newest vehicles to customers at the intu Lakeside shopping centre. Mitsubishi envisioned an interior design concept that reflected the rugged, adventurous spirit for which its brand is known.

Dynamic ceiling light boxes enabled Dalziel & Pow to deliver on this request. With custom graphics printed to replicate the appearance of an atmospherically cloudy sky, ceiling light boxes are used as an effective stand-in for skylight windows in order to transport the cars into the wilderness. The effectiveness of the light boxes is enhanced by complimentary interior design elements including organic materials and a colour palette inspired by the natural world.

Businesswise Solutions

Businesswise Solutions Kinetik LED light boxes

Businesswise Solutions, a provider of expert energy buying and management support for the commercial sector, uses ceiling light boxes to create a striking brand experience space. Spanning a huge 14 metres in length, these LED light boxes sit as the defining feature of the space and provide an additional decorative element thanks to the use of printed fabric graphics.

These graphics are augmented with our Kinetik technology to re-create the appearance of rolling clouds and rippling northern lights. Used in this way, ceiling light boxes create a multi-sensory environment in which Businesswise Solutions can present its products and services to prospective customers in ways that are impactful and memorable.

River Island

River Island lightbox archway

River Island uses ceiling lighting boxes alongside wall-mounted lightboxes to create eye-catching illuminated archways between different sections of its Birmingham flagship store.

Light boxes mounted directly onto the ceiling and walls of the store frame the entrances to the menswear and childrenswear areas of the store to provide effective wayfinding signage. This application also shows that ceiling light boxes can be used for more than just architectural purposes, being ideal for retailers to use when looking to maximise the number of opportunities to install branded graphic displays in their stores.


Ceiling light boxes can be suspended from ceilings using durable steel cables or installed directly into recesses to create sleek light fixtures that sit completely flush with the interior architecture of a space.

Ceiling light boxes are an excellent solution for a wide range of applications – retail spaces, commercial interiors, hospitality venues and educational establishments – as they can be customised and optimised to perform according to the individual requirements of a particular space.

At Unibox, our teams have over a decade of experience in using LED technologies to develop ceiling light boxes for an international network of clients. Learn more about our ceiling light boxes here or contact our experts for more information about how Unibox products can support your business.