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Harrods Beauty Hall: A Masterpiece of Experiential Retail

Harrods has officially opened the 4th of its dedicated beauty stores, this time in Bristol, and it’s nothing short of an experiential playground at every turn. A mainstay of British retail, Harrods is known for its iconic department store in the heart of London’s busiest shopping district. The Oxford Street flagship space has been filled… Continue reading Harrods Beauty Hall: A Masterpiece of Experiential Retail

Ikea High Street Store

IKEA Hammersmith: A look inside its new high street store concept IKEA is famous for the size and scale of its physical stores, with shoppers all over the world being used to seeing huge, multi-level blue boxes that house mazes of flat-pack furniture, appliances, home furnishings, decorations, plants, Swedish groceries and individualised services. One thing… Continue reading Ikea High Street Store

Experiential Retail Design

Experiential Retail Design The term “experiential design” is heard a lot in retail…but what does it actually mean? And, more importantly, how can retailers use it to their advantage to provide the shopping experiences that customers have now come to expect? Experiential retail design is defined as being… “…the practice of employing experiential values in… Continue reading Experiential Retail Design

Shop Layout Design and Retail Display Ideas

Shop Layout and Retail Design Ideas There are four main shop layout designs and retail space design techniques that crop up time and time again. These systematic merchandising plans are commonly used by both large and small retailers working to maximise the effectiveness of their product displays, improve customer experience and generate sales. But, what… Continue reading Shop Layout Design and Retail Display Ideas

What Makes A Successful Concept Store?

What Makes A Successful Concept Store? Despite the popularity of online shopping, traditional brick-and-mortar stores are fighting back. Indeed, while online retailers can be hard to beat when it comes to price, they can’t recreate the pleasure that comes from feeling and handling products before purchase. What is a Concept Store? Concept stores are a… Continue reading What Makes A Successful Concept Store?

7 Types of Window Display

What types of window display are the most effective?