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Peaty’s Reusable Merchandising Units

Peaty’s Reusable Merchandising Units Peaty’s are manufacturers of premium bike accessories, cleaning equipment and clothing. Peaty’s co-founders approached Unibox with a brief to develop reconfigurable and reusable merchandising display units for events. The Unibox team were chosen by Peaty’s due to our aligned brand values, with a focus on making eco-friendly performance products. Our solution… Continue reading Peaty’s Reusable Merchandising Units

Hope Technology Illuminated Showroom Displays

Illuminated displays and modular shelving create a striking showroom space for Hope Technology.

Showroom Displays for Henley Cycles

Modular graphic displays create a high-impact retail space for Henley Cycles and Cervélo.

Sustainable Retail Design

Sustainability is one of the most important, hyper-relevant issues for retailers of all types. Consumers are now demanding with unprecedented levels of enthusiasm and fervour that brands take meaningful action to ensure that their businesses operate sustainably by reducing their carbon footprints, limiting their environmental impacts and offering greener product ranges in their stores. It’s… Continue reading Sustainable Retail Design

How Important is Context in Retail Design?

Nike Factory Store - La Roca Barcelona - La Roca, Barcelona, Spain - 30 May 2018 - (Photo: Martin FLOUSEK / www.martinflousek.com)

Within the world of retail design, context is the art of connecting a brand’s identity, physical presence and narrative into one cohesive entity and then matching that with current customer demands. When executed properly, ‘contextualised’ store design is an ultra-effective way in which retailers can create more targeted in-store experiences for their customers to ensure… Continue reading How Important is Context in Retail Design?

Christmas Window Displays and Ideas

The Best Christmas Window Display Ideas and Inspiration As one of the most important periods in the retail calendar, the high street brands and luxury labels we all know and love invest heavily in the creation of inspirational visual merchandising campaigns that will succeed in enticing shoppers into their stores. This is not a new… Continue reading Christmas Window Displays and Ideas

How Does Colour Temperature Affect Lightboxes and Graphic Displays?

How does colour temperature affect lightboxes and graphic displays? With LED lighting now mainstream in commercial and residential environments, most people know about the effect varying colour temperatures can create. In essence, the colour temperature (measured in degrees Kelvin) is responsible for changing the appearance of the light that is emitted from a diode. LEDs… Continue reading How Does Colour Temperature Affect Lightboxes and Graphic Displays?

Experiential Retail Design

Experiential Retail Design The term “experiential design” is heard a lot in retail…but what does it actually mean? And, more importantly, how can retailers use it to their advantage to provide the shopping experiences that customers have now come to expect? Experiential retail design is defined as being… “…the practice of employing experiential values in… Continue reading Experiential Retail Design

Comparing the New Nike and Adidas Stores in New York

Nike vs. Adidas: A side-by-side comparison of two iconic New York stores Nike and Adidas are two of the biggest, most well-known brands on the planet. They both have an international presence, millions of devoted customers and some of the best, most celebrated retail design concepts around. As part of their arsenals of physical stores,… Continue reading Comparing the New Nike and Adidas Stores in New York

Flagships vs Pop Up: What Creates the Best Customer Experience?

Flagships vs Pop-ups: What store format creates the best customer experience? There are two main types of store formats that are used by retailers all over the world – flagship stores and pop-up stores. This article will look into the defining features of both types and examine which one creates the best shopping experience for… Continue reading Flagships vs Pop Up: What Creates the Best Customer Experience?